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2. How do I change a clue to a symptom?

A) Click on three vertical ellipsis next to the clue in the ‘QED Clues’ list on the right in the ‘QED Fishbone’ or ‘QED Clue Board’ screen and choose ‘Unmark Clue’ from the drop down list.

The Clue should disappear from the ‘QED Clues’ list. 

B) Identify the Component and Anomaly category of the clue. Click on the relevant cell in the ‘Symptoms’ table in the ‘QED Symptoms’ screen to drill down to the clue.

Click on the yellow light bulb icon next to the clue in the drill down. The bulb is lit when it is a clue. The click turns the bulb blue (unlit) and changes the clue to a symptom (Unmark).

To change a Symptom back to a Clue (Mark), click on the light bulb that is unlit. It toggles back to a lit status (Re-mark). 

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