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3. Notes, Attachments & Clues

smartQED Jira App – Using Notes, Attachments & Clues

In this tutorial video, we should you how to work with notes, file attachments, and clues in the smartQED web application and how these operations get pushed into your Jira ticket.

During the course of an investigation, you can add notes to the various causes and sub-causes of the smartQED fishbone. These notes typically contain some data relevant to the investigation of those causes.

You can also upload log files or other file attachments to the fishbone causes/ sub-causes. All such operations are captured in Jira via notifications from the smartQED Jira app.

As part of an investigation, you will also find symptoms/ clues related to the underlying root causes. You can record these clues in smartQED and pin them as evidence to fishbone causes and sub-causes. Clue addition notifications are also pushed to Jira so that Jira remains the single source of truth.

The smartQED Jira App provides integration of the smartQED product with the Jira tool for issue tracking. Updates made in smartQED problems are pushed in real time into the corresponding Jira issues, so you can leverage smartQED for in-depth problem or root cause analysis along with Jira!

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smartQED is a visual AI-driven workspace for faster collaboration on incident / problem analysis, with integrated recommendations for turbocharging resolution. The combined power of visual collaboration and easy knowledge reuse enables your support and operations teams to lower the MTTR of incidents by up to 50% and boost productivity by 30% or more.

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