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What is a QED Template?

At smartQED we have reimagined the traditional Fishbone diagram for the digital era, and introduced Fishbone-based interactive QED Investigation Maps™ to enable efficient problem solving by teams. 

An investigation map displays potential causes for a problem in a structured way, along with related information such as clues, notes, status and actions organized in the context of specific causes.   It can be updated concurrently by many users, and has integrated learning from solved problems.

Problem-solving knowledge from experts can be easily saved as a QED Template, which is a reusable investigation map that helps to jumpstart investigations of new problems.   You can simply choose a template from our community library or from your own saved templates, customize it as needed, and solve your problems faster.   

Whether or not you use the smartQED application, you can leverage our free collection of QED Templates to solve all types problems in any domain!  

Leveraging QED Templates

Select a Template

Choose a template from our extensive library of ready-to-use templates for systematic solving of different problems in many domains.

Customize It

Easily add or remove causes to fit your problem scenario. Add expert tips as attachments and notes associated to the various causes.

Solve Your Problem

Assign team members to specific causes. Add notes, clues and actions to any cause, and change their status. Mark QED when done.

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