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Introducing the smartQED Slack app

smartQED can now be used right within Slack!

The smartQED Slack app lets you leverage the power of QED Investigation Maps without leaving your Slack incident response channel. Using easy-to-use slash commands, you can quickly build up an investigation map while working on an incident or problem in Slack. You can add causes to the map, attach notes, clues, and actions, easily check the status, and even generate and download summary reports for the incident or problem – all from within Slack!

Once a problem is resolved you can ‘lock’ it, which places it in the ‘QED Case Base’ for the solved incident data to be used by the integrated QED Recommendation Engine. See the insights and recommendations for your new problems and get a jumpstart on their investigations.

Bring STRUCTURE, CLARITY and EFFICIENCY to your incident response and problem resolution with QED Investigation Maps. To learn more visit…

smartQED website:

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