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smartQED Application Login

Type in @smartQED to call the smartQED bot in the message box or access the smartQED Bot-App from the message extension.

You will get a welcome message with the Login button.

Click on the Login button to log into a smartQED account.

Alternatively, you may click on the triple dots (ellipses) to access the smartQED bot from Messaging Extension. 

It displays the following window. 

Click on the smartQED bot icon.

Click on the Login button.

Type in your username and password.

A window appears in a new tab with a message of successful linking.

Click the Back button in the smartQED Login window available in the original browser tab.

Clicking on the Back button shows the window down below. It has all the options to operate Context, Information, and Update commands.

Click on any of the buttons, if you are not already logged into smartQED it will prompt you to login.

Alternatively, if you go back to the chat window of the Microsoft Teams channel after the login process and call the smartQED bot again (without any parameters or Hi/ Hello), the following help message box with the Quick Start Steps gets generated. 

Click the Operations button to display the same smartQED Operations window mentioned above.

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