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Automotive – Car Won’t Start

Vital causes for which a car fails to start.

This issue seems to be the simplest one, but the effect is frustrating. One may miss an appointment, fail to attend an interview on time, be late for work, and might not fulfill a personal commitment. This common problem disrupts many vital things in our life. Sometimes in times of crisis, we are unable to handle the situation. Solving the matter in a wink of an eye can be possible if we identify the reasons. If a car breaks down, we never think of common causes. It may be due to exhaustion of fuel or gas or as simple as trying to start with the wrong key. There are possibilities of malfunctioning mechanical and electrical parts.

Car Won’t Start

  •    Cold climate


  •    Fuel gauge system error


  •    Not following correct method
  •    Car is locked


  •    Engine overheated
  •    Broken starter
  •    Broken fuel gauge system


  •    Lack of proper training
  •    Less car maintenance
  •    Using wrong keys


  •    No fuel/ gas
  •    Keys lost

This Ishikawa diagram contains the main reasons why a car fails to start. The root cause analysis template helps to organize reasons for any issue.

Who should use the Car Won’t Start template?

  •    Anyone who wants to find out why the car is not starting.

Why use this template?

  •    This template helps generate a visual feel of the causes for a car not starting.
  •    Change and customize the template for your problem resolution.
  •    Design and reuse the template for your future problem-solving.

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