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Automotive – Retread Tire Production Defects

Reasons for production of defective retread tires

RCA Template on Retread Tire Production Template

Retread tire production defects are serious issues that occur during the retreading process. Regardless of how advanced the technology is, the production method is sensitive to many factors involving exposure of the buffed surface to oxygen, humidity, temperature, and pressure, which all play a vital role in tire retreading techniques.

In this process, worn-out tires are selected and inspected before receiving new treads or casings. This method is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Retreading a tire involves applying new tire tread to the existing tire body, similar to manufacturing new tires. The use of quality tools can minimize production defects in retread tires. It is also necessary to understand the root causes of any problems resulting from the production process in order to identify and explore potential causes.

Retread Tire Production Defects


  • Compound
    • Formula
    • Pollution
    • Cement
  • Volume
  • Viscosity
  • Polluted
  •  Patch
  •  Cushion
    • Scorch
    •  Polluted
  •   Solvent
  •   Silicon
  •   Casing
    •  Tear
    •  Split
    •  Casing
    •  Nailhole
    •  Moisture
    •  Polluted


  • Training
  • Pollution
    •  Dress
    •  Transportation
    •  Touch
  •  Workplan
  •  Careless
    •  Size
    •  Technical data
    •   Bladder control
    •   Stitching


  •   Calibration
  •   LIFO/ FIFO
  •   Lubricate
  •   Cleanway
    •   Workplace
    •   Casing
    •   Machine
    •   Tools


  •   Light
  •   Space
  •   Monorail
  •   Dusty/ polluted
  •   Weather
  •   Humidity
  •   Cold
  •    Hot


  •  Tools/ parts
  •   Pollution
  •   Utilities unit
    •   Steam pressure
    •    Hot water
    •    Air pressure


  •  Lab result
  •  Compound weight
  •  Pressure
  •  Temperature
  •  Time

We rank causes and sub-causes based on their impact to minimize undesirable effects.

Who should use the Retread Tire Production Defects template?

  • This fishbone diagram helps to conduct root cause analysis (RCA) for issues in a natural gas pipeline. This template can help the key stakeholders in the gas pipeline system or anyone interested in mitigating the problem.

Why use this template?

  • It facilitates the selection and use of appropriate improvement quality tools in order to minimize the impact of defect causes in final products and semi-products.
  •  Anyone can modify the template in the smartQED environment while troubleshooting the problem.
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