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Business – Customer Received Wrong Order

Reasons why the customer received a wrong order

Incident Analysis of the reasons for a customer receiving wrong order

The last thing any customer would expect is to receive a wrong order. If a business provides incorrect orders to its clients, it can result in losing their trust, thus making it more challenging to retain existing customers and attract new ones. This error occurs due to the interplay of many issues. We must identify the root causes that trigger the incorrect order fulfilment to enhance the delivery process. Improvements in staff training, technology, communication, and automation are crucial. A structured order management system can help streamline the workflow.
Dissatisfied consumers can impose severe threats to business as social media and online review sites are familiar nowadays. A negative review may cause a deep scar on the growth of any business.

Customer Received Wrong Order
System and Technology

  •  Outdated order management software
  •  System errors
  •  Software Incompatibility
  •  Insufficient automation
  •  Lack of data validation or error-checking

Training and Education

  •  Ineffective policies/ guidelines
  •  Absence of ongoing training/ refresher courses
  •  Inadequate training
  •  Lack of product knowledge

Human Error

  •  Lack of accountability or ownership
  •  Inadequate staffing levels or resources
  •  Fatigue or high workload
    • Leading to mistakes
  •  Carelessness/ lack of attention to detail
  •  No double-checking or verification

Process and Workflow

  •  Incomplete/ inaccurate product information
  •  Inadequate quality control measures
  •  Lack of standardized procedures
  •  Errors during order processing/ fulfillment
  •  No checklist


  •   Unclear communication channels
  •   Language barriers/ miscommunication
  •   Ineffective communication
  •   Misinterpretation of customer orders

This fishbone is a simple visual tool which delivers a smooth problem analysis. The potential causes are well organized in a manner that enhances clarity. This Ishikawa diagram template contains vital reasons for consumer dissatisfaction.

Who should use the Customer Received Wrong Order template?

  • This fishbone is very helpful for anyone who wants to know why customers are getting wrong orders.

Why use this template?

  • Gives clear ideas about the reasons for discontentment among customers. Dissatisfaction can arise from various reasons. It is necessary to identify and understand those reasons to address them effectively.
  • This Ishikawa diagram is simple and easy to understand. One can learn the tricks of designing a template with its causes and sub-causes for other problems and extend it to meet new requirements.
  • Design and create a template for problem analysis in smartQED.

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