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Business – Food Adulteration

Analysis of the reasons for food adulteration

Root cause analysis template on food adulteration

Food adulteration is the root cause of non-curable diseases. Birth imperfections, cancer, and other serious health issues are also related to contaminated food. It has a devastating effect on our society. Intentional adulteration of eatables is a cognizable offense. Due to a lack of preventive measures and ignorance, people pay less attention to this issue. Insufficient quantity of food material may give rise to food insecurity which results in mixing impurities.

Food Adulteration
Law enforcement

  •         No government initiative
  •         No adultery prevention laws
  •         Leniency


  •         Negligence/ incidental
    • Droppings, rodents, etc.
  •         Illiteracy
  •         Lack of awareness
  •         Food insecurity

Trader issues

  •         Business strategy
  •         Profit motivation

Demographic issues

  •         Changing trends
  •         Increased food demand
  •         High population

This fishbone is a root cause analysis template of food contamination. It contains the reasons for food adulteration.

Who should use the Food Adulteration template?

This template is an ideal example of a root cause analysis. Anyone who wants to learn the reasons for the presence of impurities in food can refer to this fishbone.

Why use this template?

  • Adulteration of food materials is one of the main problems in third-world countries. If we can identify the causes of any issues, we can make plans for preventive measures.
  • Shares curated knowledge on reasons for food adulteration.
  • One can extend this template and use it for a different or similar incident.
  • Design and change your template or use this for your own problem-solving.

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