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Environment – Impact of Cruise Tourism in the Arctic

Factors that affect the environment pollution in Arctic due to cruise tourism

Fishbone template on Impact of Cruise Tourism in the Arctic

The impact of cruise tourism on environmental pollution in the Arctic is quite alarming. The Arctic region has been getting much attention recently. It’s a place of interest for scientists, explorers or just adventurers. Global warming sped up the melting of glaciers and ice sheets. Cruise tourism is also gaining popularity and attains a significant growth rate. The chances of environmental pollution are high with frequent visits of cruise ships and passengers. The region’s unexplored flora and fauna exist in a delicate ecosystem.

Marine water pollution is mainly due to graywater, sewage, bilge water, garbage or solid wastes, toxic wastes, and hazardous gases such as SOx, NOx, and black carbon generated by the main engine or power needed for hotel functions.

Impact of Cruise Tourism in the Arctic Sea


  •   Limited emergency response/ SAR infrastructure
  •   Port waste facilities lacking
  •   Shore impacted by waste management


  •   New areas lack chart data
  •   Weather affecting SAR operations
  •   Weather impacting maneuvering


  •    Arctic cruising growth
  •    HFO use / excess power consumption
  •    Excessive amount of waste
  •    Inaccurate waste statistics reporting


  •    Organization lacks regulatory power
  •    Not designated as PSSA
  •    Inspection difficulties in remote areas
  •    No HFO ban

This fishbone diagram caters to visualize the ecosystem in the Arctic Sea that is under threat due to the damaging effects of industry, infrastructure, legislation, and geography. These are causing significant environmental pollution.

Who should use the Fishbone template on the Impact of Cruise Tourism?

  • Individuals interested in the environmental impact of cruise tourism on the North Pole can find valuable information from this template.
  • Anyone looking for ways to identify and explore problems may find this advantageous.

Why use this template?

  • This fishbone diagram helps perform root cause analysis (RCA) for pollution in the Arctic region.
  • Anyone can modify the template in the smartQED environment while troubleshooting the problem.
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