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Environment-Wildfire causes

Factors affecting the spread of wildfire

Wildfire causes

Wildfire has a great significance when we worry about global warming, pollution, and ozone layer holes which have endangered the whole ecosystem. With the advancement of technology, industrialization contaminates all natural resources. Population explosion demands more artificial products that lead to the destruction of natural vegetation and the felling of trees.
The more civilized we get, the closer we get to the point of extinction. We all have come across the devastating effects of Australian bushfires, Amazon rainforest wildfires, Russia and Siberia wildfires, etc. It’s high time we should understand that we are solely responsible for such devastation. Natural factors like lightning, thunderstorms, volcanic eruption, and dry weather are the reasons for wildfires. In addition to these factors, firearms, vehicles, crop burning, and fireworks may induce forest fires.

Wildfire causes
Natural factors

  •         Friction between dried leaves
  •         Coal seam fire
  •         Meteor shower
  •         Volcanic eruption
  •         Lightning
  •         Windy/hot/dry weather


  •         Revenge
  •         Profit
  •         Vandalism
  •         Crime concealment
  •         Extremism/ terrorism

  Firearms/ Arsenal 

  •         Lack of fire extinguishing tools
  •         Steel core/ Bi-metal bullets
  •         Shooting location close to wild life habitat

  Debris/  Crop burning factors

  •         Ignition along the direction of wind
  •         Lack of fire controlling tools/ manpower
  •         Residual crop burning


  •         Failing catalytic converters
  •         Dragging trailer chains
  •         Improperly greased bearings

Other factors

  •         Fireworks
  •         Campfire
  •         Smoking
    • Butts not put out before disposal
    • Butts discarded in landscape areas
    • Littering of smoking materials from cars
    • Improper disposal of smoking materials

This fishbone template is an example of methodical  root cause analysis for any type of problem. It imparts an idea of the vital and associated causes of wildfire. You can observe this fishbone to get an overview of the reasons responsible for causing wildfire.

Who should use this template?

  • Ecologists, environmentalists and wildlife researchers who want to reduce the spread of wildfires to protect flora and fauna.

Why use this template?

  • Brisk visualization of an organized set of factors that help generate the spread of wildfires.
  • Template can be easily customized with the help of smartQED tools to meet your requirements.
  • Create your own template or reuse this for any type of problem analysis in smartQED.

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