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General – Home Office Disadvantages

Analysis of the reasons for disadvantages of running an office at home.

Root cause analysis template of home office disadvantages

The home office concept has become common and very popular recently. The pandemic of Coronavirus gives us no other alternative option to choose. The world adopted working from home to keep the work culture as one of the survival strategies. A brief root cause analysis helps to chalk out the hindrances one may face while working from the home office. 

Home Office Disadvantages
Safety ergonomics and control

  •         Household noise
  •         Lack of ergonomics assessment
  •         Not enough space on desk
  •         Poor lighting
  •         Too many loose wires
  •         No shredding machine available


  •         Business phone interruption
  •         Unable to make long distance  phone calls
  •         Voice mail remote access method unknown
  •         Phone calls at user’s expense
  •         Occasional internet connection disruption

Printers and faxes

  •         No printer available at home
  •         Personal printer set-up issue
  •         No fax machine at home

Systems and connectivity

  •         Archiving process-too slow
  •         E-mails with large attachment takes time
  •         Laptop configuration problem
  •         No high speed internet access

Business contacts

  •         Long distance calls need assistance
  •         No chance to call contacts located abroad

  Office supplies and desk documentation

  •         Lack of office supplies

The root cause analysis is a structured and organized approach to define the strategies for remediation of any problem. This fishbone describes the issues responsible for the inconveniences in setting up and running an office at home.

Who should use the Home Office Disadvantages template?

  • This template depicts most of the reasons for difficulties or problems in running an office from home. One can use this sample incident analysis as a future reference to investigate other incidents. It aims at people who want to perform a root cause analysis/ incident analysis. We welcome all interested people to use our templates as a starting point.

Why use this template?

  • It has a set of potential factors that affect the smooth running of the home office
  • Shares knowledge on incident analysis.
  • Create, design, and alter your template for your own problem-solving.

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