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General – Lab Fire

Analysis of the reasons for fire in laboratories.

Fishbone template on lab fire

Learning the causes of lab fire is as crucial as its prevention. Fire in a lab may break out due to natural disasters, chemical reactions, equipment failure, operational error, and static electricity. This fishbone template displays the collective information of many lab fire accidents. We have analyzed the data to identify the root causes and constructed the fishbone template.

Lab Fire
Man-made fire

  •         Violation of requirement/ procedure
  •         Negligence
  •         Other human errors
  •         Lack of procedure
  •         Defective/ ineffective procedure
  •         Disobeying the safety rules
  •         Make mistake in SOP
  •         Inadequate work environment

Mechanical / electrical fire

  •         Poor operation of machine
  •         Oil leakage
  •         Machinery overheating
  •         Malfunction
  •         Electrical wire overloading
  •         Short circuit
  •         Ground fault
  •         Electrical failure

Training deficiency

  •         Insufficient risk training
  •         Insufficient refresher training
  •         Inadequate content
  •         Insufficient practice/ hands-on experience
  •         Inadequate training / presentation
  •         No training provided

Chemical fire

  •         Piping restriction
  •         Runaway chemical reaction
  •         Flammable material release
  •         Improper storage of hazardous material
  •         Poor operation of device
  •         Metal fire
  •         Autoignition
  •         Gas explosion

This fishbone is a visual depiction of systemic root cause analysis. The root cause analysis helps design fire prevention strategies to prevent lab fires. The cause arrangements are well structured, hierarchical, and conducive. This fishbone template narrates the potential factors for breaking out of laboratory fire. It is a good reference for future incident/ root cause analysis in any specific or general situation.

Who should use the Lab Fire template?

  • This template is helpful to a great extent for anyone who wants to know the causes of lab fire accidents. Designing the layout of the preventive strategies needs some prior knowledge of any lab fire accidents or problems. Our template repository encourages people interested in root cause analysis.

Why use this template?

  • It is a simple platform where creating and designing a template is very interesting with inbuilt tools and features.
  • Shares knowledge about this problem or any other incident analysis.
  • Create and change your template or use this for your own problem-solving.

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