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General – Migration

Vital causes for migration

Human migration occurs when there is a permanent change of house. People may move within one country. They also move to other countries for better living. Migration may be voluntary or forced. Voluntary migration may be external or internal for better economic opportunity or housing. Forced migrations are due to insurgency, political unrest, war, famine, and natural disaster. Human migration has affected whole aspects of the land. It also affects the racial, linguistic and ethnic composition of the population.

Pull factors

  •      Lower risk from natural hazards
  •      More fertile land
  •      Political stability
  •      Low crime rate
  •      Good climate
  •      Better infrastructure
  •      More wealth
  •      Higher employment opportunities

Push Factors

  •      War
  •      Natural calamities
  •      Poverty/ lack of jobs
  •      Crop failure
  •      Inadequate healthcare facilities
  •      Lack of infrastructure
  •      Lack of safety/ high crime rates
  •      Social stigma

This fishbone template contains factors that influence human migration. By studying this investigation one can understand the reasoning behind human migration.

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  •     Anyone who needs to find out the vital causes of migration.

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  •     Figure out the causes of why people leave their native land.
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