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General – Poor Academic Performance

Reasons why the academic performance or progress is poor

Fishbone template on Poor Academic Performance

A student’s academic performance can be poor when the academic achievement and grades are consistently low or below average. Poor academic performance can be the outcome of many factors. These factors may include environmental distractions, an unsupportive home environment, personal challenges like health issues or a lack of interest in the subject. Ineffective teaching strategies or inadequate teacher support, motivational issues like a lack of clear goals or intrinsic motivation, and poor study habits and strategies leave a deep scar on one’s education. Poor academic performance hinders successful academic growth and can have long-term consequences, affecting a student’s educational opportunities and prospects. 

With proper analysis, identification of underlying causes, and targeted interventions, it is possible to address and improve academic performance, providing the opportunity to reach their full potential. In the context of poor academic performance, a fishbone analysis can help identify the factors contributing to this issue. Here’s an example of how you could structure the fishbone analysis for poor academic performance.

Poor Academic Performance

  Study habits/ strategies

  •  Poor understanding of effective study strategies
  •  Inability to prioritize tasks effectively
  •  Lack of effective study routines or schedules
  •  Poor time management and procrastination
  •  Ineffective note-taking techniques

  Motivational factors

  •  Limited prospects or perceived irrelevance of education
  •  Fear of failure/ low self-efficacy
  •  Insufficient recognition/ rewards
  •  Absence of intrinsic motivation or interest
  •  Lack of clear goals/ direction

  Teaching/ learning factors

  •  Learning opportunities are not interactive
  •  Inadequate curriculum/ outdated materials
  •  Improper teacher support or guidance
  •  Huge class/lack of individual attention
  •  Ineffective teaching methods

  Personal factors

  •  Poor time management or organization skills
  •  Low self-confidence or self-esteem
  •  Health problems affecting concentration
  •  Personal issues/ emotional challenges
  •  Lack of interest in the subject
  •  Learning disability

  Environmental factors

  •  Unsupportive family/ peer environment
  •  Insufficient access to educational resources
  •  Poor lighting/ uncomfortable environs
  •  Lack of quiet study place
  •  Distractions at home 

 The poor academic performance fishbone template is a valuable tool that helps to comprehensively analyze, identify root causes, facilitate collaboration, plan interventions, and foster continuous improvement in addressing the issue of poor academic performance. The fishbone analysis encourages digging deeper to identify the root causes of poor academic performance. By categorizing causes into major branches, it helps to identify underlying issues rather than merely focusing on superficial symptoms.

Who should use the Poor Academic Performance template?

  • Anyone who is analyzing the reasons for scoring low grades and poor academic achievement of students.

Why use this template?

  • You get a structured view of common causes for stunted academic growth.
  • You can customize this template easily in smartQED to meet your specific needs.
  • You can use this or your templates for future problem analysis in smartQED.

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