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General – Screw Alignment Failed

Reasons why screw alignment failed

Fishbone template on failed screw alignment

If you are struggling to figure out why your screw alignments are failing, the Fishbone RCA Template is here to simplify the process. We have categorized the potential causes using the ‘5 M’s’ approach. It breaks down the causes neatly into Man, Machine, Method, Material, and Measurement.

Uncover the hidden factors impacting screw alignment and streamline your quality control processes with this comprehensive Fishbone RCA Template, designed to empower your team to identify and address issues efficiently. Do not let screw alignment troubles hold you back. Get to the root of the problem with this easy-to-understand Fishbone RCA Template.

Screw Alignment Failed

  •   Worn out tools
  •   Wrongly sized tool


  •   Worn out screws
  •   Screw-size wrong


  •   Unclear instruction
  •   Instruction not followed


  •   Incorrect gauge used
  •   The gauge was not zeroed before measuring


  •   Employee fatigued
  •   Untrained employee

This fishbone is a simple visual tool empowered with hassle-free analysis. The potential causes are structured and layered with many levels. This Ishikawa diagram template contains vital reasons for failure of inspection for screw alignment.

Who should use the Screw Alignment Failed template?

  • This fishbone is very advantageous for anyone who wants to know why inspection of screw alignment fails.

Why use this template?

  • Delivers distinct ideas about the reasons for wrong screw alignments and failure of inspection for the same.
  • This Ishikawa diagram is simple and easy to handle. One can learn the tricks of designing a template with its causes and sub-causes for other problems and extend it to meet new requirements.
  • Draft and create a template for problem analysis in smartQED.

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