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Healthcare – Depression

Potential causes for depression.

Major depressive disorder or clinical depression is a common but serious illness. It leads to mood disorders hampering one’s general activities, thoughts, and feelings. The behavior might change due to depression. A variety of physical and emotional problems make normal day-to-day activities difficult. A loss of interest and a feeling of sadness prevail. It reduces the capability of doing anything you once enjoyed. The symptoms can vary from mild to severe. It can make the patient feel sad, lost, or weak. Changes in appetite and sleeping disorders are some of the symptoms. Yet, this disease is treatable. Diagnosis of this disease becomes easy if we are aware of the symptoms. Besides, we need to identify the reasons for contributing. Pointing out the causes is only possible by root cause analysis or investigation.

Work factors

  •    Retirement
  •    Retrenchment
  •    Overlooked for promotion
  •    Conflicts with seniors
  •    Troublesome colleagues
  •    Workplace harassment
  •    Excessive workload

    Medical factors

  •    Liver disease
  •    Multiple sclerosis
  •    Diabetes
  •    Cancer
  •    Chronic Illness
  •    Thyroid disorder
  •    Brain chemistry imbalance

Psychological factors

  •    Broken relationship
  •    Argument
  •    Disagreement
  •    Conflict
  •    Bereavement

Family factors

  •    Dysfunctional family
  •    Financial deterioration
  •    Unfulfilled parental expectations
  •    Acute sibling rivalry
  •    Genetic/ hereditary predisposition

Circadian rhythm disturbance

  •    Spending limited time outdoors
  •    Adverse climate/ weather
  •    Bleak winters
  •    Inadequate sleeping environment
  •    Sleep disorder

Physiological factors

  •    Low serotonin levels
  •    High cortisol levels
  •    Hormonal factors (female)
    • Menopause related
    • Pregnancy related
    • Childbirth related
    • Menstruation related
  •    Malnutrition

Other issues

  •    Not coping well with puberty
  •    Binging
    • Alcohol
    • Narcotics

The fishbone has significant reasons for clinical depression. We have arranged all the causes & sub-causes with the help of this fishbone template. It helps everybody learn the different reasons for any issue.

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  • Anyone who needs to identify the potential causes for depression.

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  • Points out the reasons why one falls into depression.
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