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Manufacturing – Manufacturing Defect/ Wrong Product Size

Potential causes for manufacturing defects in a product

Manufacturing defects can occur during the construction phase of products. These defects are common. Generally, it is the responsibility of production and quality assurance team to control and limit the number of defective products. Workers in production unit and supervisors need to be more careful. Negligence, poor workmanship and low-quality material are the most common contributing factors. Sometimes it exposes the consumer to high risk or leads to injury. Identification of the root causes can help eliminate the errors in production stage.

Manufacturing Defect/ Wrong Product Size

  •    Lack of supervision
  •    Negligence/ poor workmanship
  •    Employee mistake
    • Fatigue
    • Instructions not followed
    • Wrong machine setting
  •    Untrained employee


  •    Incorrect design
  •    Wrong production procedure
  •    Erroneous assembly
  •    Instructions not clear


  •    Worn out
    • Poor storage condition
  •    Poor quality
  •    Wrong specification


  •   Too humid
  •    Non-optimum temperature


  •    Insufficient quality assurance
  •    Incorrect mold size
    • Production errors/ mistake
    • Mistake in blueprint


  •    Lack of maintenance
  •    Malfunction
    • Defective machine
    • Incorrect operation

This Ishikawa diagram consists of possible causes, grouped by category, for a defective product. Here, the causes are categorized in the first level as machine, method, material, man, measurement and environment. The main causes are under each category or group. The structure of the fishbone is well-defined and easy to understand. This root cause analysis template helps to arrange the different reasons for any issue.

Who should use the Manufacturing Defects template?

  • Managers and supervisors who need to identify the potential causes for manufacturing defects in a product.
  • Anyone who wants to avoid or eliminate faults in products.

Why use this template?

  • Easily identify the reasons why a product is defective.
  • Redesign or extend this template in the smartQED environment for your own use.
  • Craft your own templates for various types of problem analysis in smartQED.

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