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Technology – Azure VM Performance Problem

Reasons that cause performance problems in Azure VMs

Azure Virtual Machines is an on-demand, scalable computing resource that Azure provides. An Azure VM offers you the extensibility of virtualization. The clients or users do not have to buy and maintain the physical hardware that runs it. We need to update the VM by configuring, patching, and installing the software that runs on it. Understanding Azure VM performance is necessary to avoid its underutilization. Its efficiency gets affected due to many vital reasons. Bottlenecking of CPU, memory, and disk are the major contributing factors. Malware also plays a critical role in downgrading performance. Learn how to troubleshoot a virtual machine’s generic performance by monitoring. In this template, we have tried to provide possible remediation for issues that may occur. PerfInsights is a self-help tool that helps collect and analyze diagnostic data. It delivers a report to help troubleshoot the key bottlenecks around IO/ CPU/Memory. Perfinsights are available for both Windows and Linux virtual machines in Azure.

Azure VM Performance Problem
Disk bottleneck

  •        Storage throttling
    • IOPS account limit reached
  •        Storage timeout
    • High IOPS
    • Long I/O operation
  •        Insufficient storage availability

Memory bottleneck

  •         Heavy usage of swap file
  •         Memory leakage
  •         Memory contention
    • Threads issue
    • Paging/ swapping issue

    CPU bottleneck

  •        Too many users
  •         Inefficient code

    Other issue

  •         Incorrect sizing
  •         Malware/ hacker attack

This sample root cause analysis describes the potential factors of underperforming Azure VM. It contains most of the parents and its child causes. It is well organized and easy to understand. While analyzing other incidents, we can take help from this example and create other root cause analysis templates.

Who should use the Azure VM Performance Problem template?

  • IT analysts or anyone who wants to examine the reasons that cause performance problems in Azure VMs.

Why use this template?

  • Visualize a structured set of common causes behind Azure VM performance problems.
  • Quickly customize this template in smartQED to meet your specific needs.
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