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Technology – Hybrid Cloud Implementation Challenges

Reasons for hybrid cloud implementation challenges or hybrid cloud transformation problems.

This is a fishbone on types of hybrid cloud implementation challenges and its reasons.

Combination of a private cloud (on-premises data center) with a public cloud makes a hybrid cloud environment. This environment enables sharing of data and applications between private and public clouds. Hybrid cloud may contain one or more public clouds in addition to on-premises data centers. There are several challenges one might have to face while implementing hybrid cloud. Migration, scalability, compliance, security, governance, cost management are major factors that need to be handled carefully and wisely.  This fishbone template summarizes these considerations and challenges.  Below is a listing of the causes and sub-causes as shown in our fishbone template.

Hybrid Cloud Implementation Challenges

  •         Needs external consultant / MSP
  •         Time consuming and resource intensive
  •         Varied & complex cloud stack
  •         Cross-platform app portability/ operability
  •         Integrating native or proprietary features & components
  •         Integrating different cloud brands & providers


  •         Communication and training methods
  •         Task automation
  •         Rapid elasticity
  •         Resource pooling
  •         On-demand services
  •         Cloud network access


  •         SLA disparities in public & hybrid cloud
  •         Improper security practices and protocols
  •         Increased threat of DDoS and hacker attacks
  •         Access vulnerabilities in new integration points
  •         Higher risk from cross- cloud data movement


  •         Tech re-skilling/ IT professional training
  •         Technical compliance & certification
  •         Compliance with government policies

    Cost management

  •         Overspending
  •         Wasted resources
  •         Extra charge to access on-premises applications

   Miscellaneous issues

  •         Testing in hybrid environment
  •         Non-native new applications
  •         cloud bursting/self or dynamic provisioning
  •         Incompatibility of tools/ processes
  •         Scalability in hybrid environment

smartQED offers many detailed root cause analysis and fishbone templates for the community. You are free to explore, import, redesign and reuse them for your own purpose. These templates give good starting points and guidance while troubleshooting many types of problems.

Who should use the Problems of Hybrid Cloud Implementation Challenges template?

  • Anyone who is interested in hybrid cloud implementation and wants to learn about its various challenges.

Why use this template?

  • Easy understanding of the main issues that one may come across during  hybrid cloud implementation and migration. Following the basic principles of the Ishikawa diagram we make fishbone templates of different problems as it is very simple, clear, and easy to understand.
  • Design your own templates for various kinds of problem analysis.
  • Customize and extend this template for your own problem-solving in smartQED.

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