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Technology – MySQL Performance Issues

Reasons why MySQL performance is poor.

A fishbone template on MySQL performance issues

MySQL Performance issues are common problems when handling and administering MySQL databases. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system based on Structured Query Language. This RDBMS has gained immense popularity in web applications as a database component. Many applications such as data cleaning, and e-commerce and online portals also take advantage of its extensive functionality. It can handle both large and small applications. MySQL is perfect for websites and is best known for scalability, reliability, and flexibility. But its robustness and reliability cannot ensure the best performance. Database performance degrades due to many reasons. DB design, indexing, and poor queries are some of the reasons for sluggish performance.

 MySQL Performance Issues
Resource bottlenecks

  •   Slow I/O
  •   Insufficient Memory
  •   Inadequate CPU

  Server config issues

  •   Low server memory / page swapping
  •   Unoptimized heap/buffer/sort table
  •   Memory shared by DNS/Mail/Web Service

Background processes

  •   Low available memory and I/O
    •  Disk-based Swap memory
  •   Long-running backups, logs/statistical processes

Hardware issues

  •   Network card failure
  •   Corrupted memory card
  •   Hard Disk failure

Software/Database issues

  •   Table corruption/ fragmentation
  •   Long MySQL queries
  •   Unoptimized table design

Miscellaneous issues

  •   /tmp file permission
  •   File system errors
  •   System software bugs

This Ishikawa diagram contains some of the main reasons for slow MySQL. The causes are under each category or group. This root cause analysis template helps to organize the reasons for any issue.

Who should use the MySQL Performance Issues template?

  •     Anyone who needs to find out the probable causes for the poor performance of MySQL
  •     Developers who want to understand MySQL performance issues

Why use this template?

  •     Identify reasons why MySQL performance is slow
  •     Extend this template using smartQED tools to reuse your problem-solving knowledge
  •     Craft your templates for different types of problem analysis in smartQED.

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