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1. Learn to perform other activities

1. How do I chat with the collaborators?

Click on the ‘chat’ icon on the top right-hand side which is available in all of the main screens. 

2. How do I post on the Wall?

Go to the ‘Wall’ section in the ‘QED Symptoms’ screen, enter your data and click ‘Post’. 

3. How do I display all of the times in the Local time zone?

Go to the ‘QED Fishbone’ or ‘QED Symptoms’ screen and click on the down arrow in the ‘Timezone’ box to select ‘Local Timezone’. 

4. What is the default time zone of the product?

The default time zone is UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). All of the clues that are entered in various local time zones are converted internally to UTC for storage in the database.

5. Why does marking a cause ‘At Fault’ propagate all the way up to the Head of the Fishbone?

This is to highlight the entire path with all of its causes and sub-causes that have contributed to causing the problem.

6. How do I view the ‘Dashboard’?

Click on the ‘Dashboard’ icon to the left of the User id on top right-hand side of the Header. It displays ‘Problem Stats’ and ‘QED Trends’ for the application.  

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