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1. Slash commands for smartQED Slack bot

smartQED Slack Bot Command Reference

Here we list all the commands that the smartQED Slack bot supports, and provide a detailed description of each command. The commands are partitioned into 3 sections:

  • Informational Command
  • Update Commands
  • Context Commands

List of slash commands for smartQED Slack bot

Informational commands: View the problem causes, status, timeline and other data

/qed : Show this help
/qed info : Show smartQED application and problem info
/qed causes : Show the causes for this problem and their status
/qed details : Show details of a cause
/qed actions : Show list of actions for the selected problem
/qed insights : Show matching problems for the selected problem
/qed report : Generate PDF summary report for the selected problem
/qed timeline : Show elapsed time and action timeline of the selected problem
/qed history : Show history of all updates for the selected problem

Update commands: Everyone in this channel will be notified of the update


/qed addprob <-t title> [-n number] : Add a new problem to the connected application
/qed editprob : Edit the selected problem.
/qed lock : Lock cause analysis for the selected problem
/qed unlock : Unlock cause analysis for the selected problem
/qed commander : Assign users as commander for the problem


/qed addcause : Add a new cause
/qed rmcause : Delete a cause
/qed rename : Change cause name
/qed setstatus : Set status of a cause
/qed assign : Assign user to a cause
/qed addnote : Add note to a specified cause
/qed rmnote : Delete a note from a cause
/qed addfile : Add file as attachment to a cause
/qed rmfile : Delete an attachment from a cause


/qed addclue : Add a clue to the problem
/qed pinclue : Pin a clue to a cause
/qed addclueflile : Add file as attachment to a clue
/qed addcluenote : Add note to a clue


/qed addaction : Add action to a cause
/qed editaction : Edit the selected action
/qed rmaction : Delete the selected action

Incident Context Commands: Set the context for yourself or for everyone in the channel

/qed addcollab : Add Slack users as collaborators to a smartQED application.
/qed connectapp : Connect to another application in your account.
Connect All switches everyone’s context to this
application and sets the topic for this channel.
/qed selectprob : Select another problem in the connected application.
Select for All switches everyone’s context to this
problem and sets the topic for this channel.

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