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Automotive – Airbag Failure

Reasons why an airbag fails to deploy or causes injury

Airbags are supposed to protect drivers and passengers during an accident. They occasionally deploy randomly and fail in a car crash. Instead of saving the car occupants, they cause severe injuries. They can also cause injuries in a car crash. Facial lacerations and broken noses are the most common airbag injuries. If the airbag is faulty, it may not work at all. Despite saving the occupants of the car, it may cause severe lesions. Rigorous testing of airbags is necessary before installation to identify the issues or potential failures. A faulty airbag has severe consequences and does not ensure a safe journey.

Airbag Failure

  •   Incorrect visual inspection
    • Negligence
      •  Inadequate training

​​​​​​    Machine

  •   Lack of maintenance
  •   Defect in new assembler machine


  •    Bad glue
  •    Wrong thickness of material
  •    Damaged spring


  •    Insufficient visual inspection process
  •    Incorrect pin hole detection


  •    Wet airbag module
    • Water damage to car
    • Faulty HVAC
  •    Depleted backup battery


  •    Sensor malfunction

This fishbone describes the main reasons or factors that affect the deployment of airbags. The first level mainly forms the categories of various factors. It is a simple template that provides information on the potential reasons for a faulty airbag and its consequences.

 Who should use the Airbag Failure template?

  • This fishbone template guides you in finding the solution as it shares valuable information regarding airbag failure issues. It facilitates you to take preventive measures in advance. It is advantageous when one needs to find the causes of a defective airbag.

Why use this template?

  • This fishbone helps to understand the causes responsible for a malfunctioning airbag. 
  • Anyone can change the template in the smartQED environment while troubleshooting the problem.
  • Create or customize your templates for various problems and incident analyses in smartQED.

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