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Automotive – High Petroleum Consumption in Car

Reasons for high petroleum consumption

RCA on high petroleum consumption

The main contributory factor for high fuel consumption relates to engine problems. The problem may be directly associated with the engine or something else that affects the performance of the car engines. Oil waste is also highly dependent on the operating mode. Frequent braking, excessive idling and running the engine at nominal would lead to oil sucking through the valve guides.

High Petroleum Consumption in Car

  •  Poor clutch condition
  •  Faulty/ Untuned engine
  •  Worn out piston
  •  Wrong tire pressure


  •  Incorrect lubrication
    • Wrong oil
  •  Poor quality petrol
    • Bad petrol pump


  •  Short trips
  •  Improper maintenance
    • No owner manual
  •  No training in driving


  •  Overloading/ AC
  •   First driving
    • Starts late
  •   Improper gear


  •   Adverse/ Extreme weather


  •  Odometer not reset properly

This fishbone template shows a systematic root cause analysis for high petroleum consumption in a car. It imparts knowledge of the primary and associated causes for abnormal or large fuel consumption in petrol engines. One can study this template thoroughly to acquire knowledge of the contributing factors.

Who should use the High Petroleum Consumption in Car template?

  • This fishbone template shares information about the high consumption of petroleum. It enables you to take preventive measures in advance. It is advantageous when one needs to find out why an engine consumes an excessive amount of petrol.

Why use this template?

  • This fishbone helps to understand the causes responsible for high usage of petrol.
  • Anyone can change the template in the smartQED environment while troubleshooting the problem.
  • Create or customize your templates for various problems and incident analysis in smartQED.

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