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Business – Box-office Flop

Reasons why a movie turns out to be unprofitable at the box-office after release.

Box-office flop is a serious issue that every production house might have encountered. They keep their fingers crossed just before the release in fear of an unprofitable outcome. Below we chalked out its factors in the form of a fishbone template.

Box-office Flop

Content issues

  •        Weak/ over-used storyline
  •        Poor star cast/ poor acting performance
  •        Poor screenplay
  •        Over-dramatization
  •        Disconnect with society

Marketing & Financial issues

  •        Under marketing
  •        Over-hyped marketing
  •        Poor channel selection
  •        Weak distributor network
  •        Budget constraints

 Production issues

  •        Delay in release
  •        Poor direction
  •        Inadequate post-production work
  •        Improper shoot locations

 Miscellaneous issues

  •        Adverse external events
  •        Controversy
  •        Too many films released together

The best way to understand the reasons for a box-office failure easily is the root cause analysis of the vital causes in a structured fishbone template. We have listed below how and why this template is advantageous so that one can think of some preventive measures before facing a massive failure in film industry.

Who should use the Box-office Flop template?

  • Anyone who wants to understand why a movie fails at the box-office.

Why use this template?

  • Quick understanding of the causes of a flopped movie.
  • Tailor this template using smartQED  for your own problem-solving.
  • Design or widen your own templates for different types of problems and incident analysis in smartQED.

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