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General – Reasons for War

Reasons why war breaks out between countries, groups and societies.

The word “war” always frightens our minds and souls. The post-war situation is even worse as life becomes miserable. Even the rehabilitation process takes decades. The only way to feel the agony of a war victim is to look at the condition of the devastated families of war victims. Through this fishbone template, we have listed the causes responsible for the war. This diagram presents the root cause analysis for an insurgency, a war, or a battle.

Reasons for War

Strategic factors

  •         Establish dominance
  •         Defensive war
  •         Preemptive war
  •         Threat to influence

  Political factors

  •         Revolution
  •         Nationalism
  •         Ideology (civil war)

Economic factors

  •         Resource ( oil, water etc.)
  •         Economic gains
  •         Territorial gains

  Other factors

  •         Violation of treaty
  •         Revenge
  •         Religious fanaticism

Feel free to explore this fishbone template and use it in your way to analyze the root causes behind a war.

Who should use the Reasons for War template?

  • Anyone who wants to understand potential reasons for which war breaks out between two or more territories.

Why use this template?

  • Easy and quick understanding of the issues or factors that create insurgencies or war.
  • Modify this fishbone template in smartQED for your own problem-solving.
  • Design and enhance your own templates for various types of problems and incident analysis in smartQED.

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