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General – Causes of Leaks and Explosion

Analysis of the reasons for accidents that occur in process industries due to leaks and explosion of hazardous chemicals.

Industrial leaks and explosions put thousands of civilians’ lives at stake. Many workers get injured while working at the industrial premises. It leads to damage in manufacturing areas and factory sites. Management should enforce proper safety regulations and strict measures if anyone disobeys them. The workers must have the proper training to work with hazardous equipment that can lead to an accident. Factors that contribute to this cause are the workers with lack of safety training. Poor maintenance of machines also contributes to the problem.

Causes of Leaks and Explosion

  •         Disrepair of the gas holder
  •         Movement obstruction of the bell housing


  •         Poor monitoring on the use of unsafe chemicals
  •         Lack of raw   material for repairs

People/ individual

  •         Unsafe operation
  •         Nonfeasance in the overhaul
  •         Illegal parking


  •         Inadequate safe distance
  •         Excess vehicles on the way
  •         High temperature object from nearby

External supervision

  •         Poor supervision of safety dept.
  •         Nonfeasance of land/ resource department
  •         Nonfeasance of traffic control department

Internal management

  •         Insufficient employee training
  •         Inferior facility management
  •         Bad hazard management
  •         Improper safety training
  •         Low safety budget
  •         Poor safety culture

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  • Anyone who needs to find out the vital causes for leaks and explosion.

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