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Environment – Renewable Energy

Sources and uses of renewable energy

Renewable energy is the energy that we get from natural resources. They are naturally produced at a higher rate than utilized and never run out. Sunlight, wind, water, tides, geothermal heat, and biomass are the common source of renewable energy. The energy provided by renewable energy resources is used in five significant areas – air and water cooling/heating, electricity generation, the rural sector, and transportation. These energies are available across a geographical area. Conventional energy resources are in plenty in some particular countries only. The use of renewable energy resources in energy generation results in less pollution. It has a significant effect on economic benefits and energy security.

Renewable Energy
Biomass energy

  •   Indirectly converts into biofuels
    •   Syngas
    •   Wood/ energy crops
    •   Ethanol
    •   Biodiesel
    •   Methane
  •   Directly produces heat by combustion
  •   Living organism/ plant derived


  •  Tidal power/ wave power
    •  Captures energy from the surface of oceans
  •   Kinetic energy of flowing water
    •  Run turbines to generate electricity

Solar energy

  •   Solar collectors
    •  Provides light/ heat/ electricity

Wind energy

  •   Natural airflow in high altitude/ offshore sites
    •  Runs wind turbines

  Geothermal energy

  •   Volcanoes/ hot springs
    •  Heating the water and other purposes

This Ishikawa diagram contains some of the main types of renewable energy and its origin. This incident analysis template helps to organize groups and subgroups for any incidence.

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