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General – Online Teaching/ Learning Challenges

Different challenges in online teaching/ learning system

Fishbone on Online/ Teaching Learning Challenges

The education industry is the worst victim of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though online teaching or learning is nothing new, it has become mandatory in the recent past. Before, a section of the system adopted this technique. Academic institutions used to offer some courses in online mode. It helps the learners take part in the class when attending the project is not favorable. Sometimes the institutions had to adopt the online mode as the primary way of executing academic activities. Due to sudden and drastic change, teachers and learners encountered online teaching and learning challenges. All learners and teachers were not familiar with the streaming tools and gadgets.

Online Teaching/ Learning Challenges
Data privacy/ security

  •   Students’ ignorance
  •   Data infringement
  •   Hacking/ cyber crimes
    •  Sending harmful content

Computer literacy

  •   Nobody is on the same page
  •   Ignorant of learning management
  •   Inadequate computer proficiency


  •   Video buffering issues
  •   Connection loss
  •   Poor quality video/ audio
  •   Other internet problems

Technology/ equipment shortage

  •   Students without laptop lagging behind
  •   Shares laptop etc.
  •   Expensive gadgets

  Work/ time management

  •   Controlling students virtually
  •   Attending training
  •   Dealing with numerous e-learning tools
  •   Designing e-learning strategy
  •   Getting accustomed with new systems
  •   Handling bulk information

Other issue

  •   Lack of in-person interaction
  •   Understanding course expectations
  •   Distractions
  •   Staying motivated
  •   Learners-disability
    •   No interpreters for hearing impaired learners

The root cause analysis of this incident in the form of a fishbone template defines the different difficulties of online education. It shows the challenges the learners and teachers faced during the session. The visual representation of its root cause analysis makes it easy to understand the problems of the online teaching-learning methods.

Who should use the Online Teaching/ Learning Challenges template?

  • Anyone who needs to find out the various challenges of online education.
  • Educators or learners who want to understand the problems.

Why use this template?

  • Identify different problems of online teaching or learning
  • Extend this template using smartQED tools to reuse your problem-solving knowledge
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