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General – Blurry Photos

Reasons for blurry images

A fishbone template with the factors that makes the photos blurry.

Blurry photos are common issues that may irritate amateurs and professionals. Photos may be indistinct due to many reasons. The most common contributing cause is the incorrect use of shutter speed. During handheld shooting, the chance of shaken camera is less when the shutter speed is high. It is hard for anyone to keep a handheld camera steady. For most people, this limit will be around 1/60th sec. Even if we use a tripod and telephoto lens, camera movement could be the cause, as long lenses magnify even minor vibrations. The moving subject produces a similar ghosting effect, a double image-like camera movement. The only difference is it happens in some specific part of the image.

Blurry Photo


  •  Wide Aperture 
  •  Beautification filter applied
  •  The protective film is not released
  •  The shutter speed is too slow
  •  Out of focus


  •  Dirty sensors
  •  Damaged sensors


  •  Dirty lens
  •  Damaged lens
  •  Inappropriate lens


  •  The subject moves too quickly
  •  Too dark


  •  Operating technique not known
  •  Shaky hands

This fishbone describes the main reasons for indistinct or blurry photos. The template shows the vital causes responsible for out-of-focus or unclear photographs. The fishbone hierarchically holds the causes, i.e. parent and child causes. 

 Who should use the Blurry Photos template?

  • This analysis is advantageous to anyone who wants to find out the different issues that make the photos blurred.

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  • Understand the different issues that make photos hazy.
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