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General – Causes of Divorce

Vital reasons for divorce

Causes of Divorce is a sensitive subject. Before making any comments, we need to perform a keen investigation. The legal dissolution of marriage is getting prevalent nowadays. People are becoming less patient and giving less importance to the value of relationships. Some simple but genuine factors affect the bonding of marital life. Parents do not think twice before ending a relationship. The children of a dysfunctional family bear the most trauma of separation. They experience the most suffering in a battle where both teams lose.

Causes of Divorce

  •    Lack of patience
  •    Neglect
  •    Not much in common
  •    Lack of physical intimacy
  •    Lack of love/ affection

Mental/ physical disorders

  •    Prolonged illness
  •    Impotency
  •    Abuse/ neglect/ trauma
  •    Attachment disorder
  •    Personality disorder

Societal/ family issues

  •    No say in match making
  •    Patriarchal attitude
  •    Early marriage

Financial issues

  •    Greed/ gold digging attitude
  •    Financial incompatibility
  •    Marked deterioration in financial condition


  •    Emotional
  •    Physical

Domestic violence/ abuse

  •    Emotional manipulation
  •    Physical harm

Other issues

  •    Contrasting value systems
  •    Differences in opinion
  •    Addiction
    • Alcohol
    • Narcotics
    • Gambling
    • Other vices
  •   Lack of communication

A thorough root cause analysis is necessary to chalk out the genuine factors that affect marital life and lead to the legal dissolution of marriage. This root cause analysis template shows most of the main factors that affect married life and brings legal separation.

Who should use the Causes of Divorce template?

  • Partners or anyone who needs to find out the vital causes of divorce.
  • Marriage counselors who want to understand the driving causes of divorce.

Why use this template?

  • It helps to figure out the causes of divorce.
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