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Technology – Low Performance of Web Application

Potential causes that trigger dissatisfying performance of a web application

In this digital era, how your customers reach out to you matters in a successful business model. The digital environment revolves around web applications. A dynamic website always induces high traffic. A smooth-running web application is easy to explore. A website aims at the objectives of a company. It’s the easiest way to exhibit company skills and products. We expect a website to have low maintenance needs. There are many web application performance roadblocks. Codes, duplicate title tags, high loading time, and slow servers are some of the contributing factors. It is necessary to address performance problems and drop them before they affect the users.

Low Performance of Web Application
Poorly written code

  •    Inefficient algorithm
  •    Improper programming practices
  •    Inexperienced developers

Unoptimized database

  •     Missing indexes
  •     Inefficient queries
  •     Usage overload

DNS/ Network issues

  •     Unoptimized bandwidth usage
  •     Firewall preventing site access
  •     Poor network connectivity
  •     Faulty DNS queries

Poor load distribution

  •     Slow response time
  •     Incorrectly assigned new site visitors
  •     Overloaded servers
  •     Infrastructural weaknesses

  Unexpected traffic 

  •     Poor planning
  •     Sudden traffic surge

 Unmanaged growth of data

  •     No plan for data monitoring
  •     Inappropriate data storage

Configuration problem

  •     Inappropriate selection of parameters
  •     Unsuitable default parameters

 Miscellaneous issues

  •     Bad application design
  •     Website/ domain setup

An efficient and thorough root cause analysis is necessary to identify the genuine factors. This root cause analysis template holds the reasons affecting the performance of a website.

Who should use the Low Performance of Web Application template?

  •  Any developer who wants to find out the causes for the poor performance of web applications.
  • Anyone who wants to learn why a web application exhibits unsatisfactory performance.

Why use this template?

  • Understand the different factors that affect the performance of web apps.
  • Review, extend and reuse this template using smartQED to sort out the issues.
  • Design your templates for any problem analysis in smartQED.

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