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General – Food Order Takes too Long

Analysis of the causes that make delay in cooking and serving the food.

Fishbone template on Food Order Takes too Long

Waiting for food at a restaurant or any food parlor is the best way to test your patience when you feel hungry. People get impatient and unreasonable while waiting for the food at the restaurant. We fail to understand that good food needs time to cook the ingredients ( vegetables, spices, sauce, fish, meat, etc.), and garnishing. Delayed serving happens due to many reasons. There could be a rush in the food outlet or busy handling the orders. It is also possible that the restaurant may not have enough staff. There are other reasons too. Servers might not have taken the food on time, lengthy food packaging process, the chef fails to handle the volume, shortage of staff in the kitchen, demanding customers or the food preparation time is lengthy. The following fishbone contains the causes and their child causes that I have chalked out in my root cause analysis.

Food Order Takes too Long
Food types

  •         Some items take longer to prepare
  •         Complex preparation process


  •         Chef can’t keep up with the volume
  •         Short-staffed kitchen
  •         Customers too demanding
  •         Server doesn’t turn up the orders right away
  •         Server doesn’t pick up the food on time


  •         Preparation area not organized
  •         Unorganized preparation process
  •         Insufficient stock in the kitchen


  •         Packaging items for pickup takes too long
  •         Too many different foods to prepare
  •         Too many choices on the menu
  •         Too many orders at once

This template sets a good example of how a root cause analysis can be organized by making use of a fishbone template. Explore it to get some idea of arranging the causes of any problem in a well-ordered fashion.

Who should use the Food Order Takes too Long template?

  • We will encourage everyone to follow this template to understand the causes that create a delay in serving the food.

Why use this template?

  • Quick visualization of an organized set of factors that is  responsible for delay in food order.
  • Customize the template easily with the help of smartQED tools to meet your requirements.
  • Design  your template or reuse this for any problem analysis in smartQED.

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