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Healthcare – Sore Throat

Analysis of the causes for throat infection or sore throat.

Fishbone template on causes for the sore throat

A sore throat causes pain, scratching or irritation and one experiences the most disturbing thing while swallowing food or drinks. The most common cause of a sore throat (pharyngitis) is a viral infection like cold or the flu. Sore throat is like Achille’s heel to anyone who is verbally active for the sake of profession or by nature. It’s a curse for the singers, educators or orators. Voice gets choked frequently as a result of a sore throat. Influenza, sphagitis, too much usage of voice, excessive smoking, unhealthy diet, drinking, and lack of sleep are some of the vital reasons for sore throat.

Sore throat

  •         Smoking
  •         Consuming alcohol
  •         Unhealthy diet
  •         Lack of sleep

    Illness/ infirmity

  •         Ache
  •         Hoarseness
  •         Dryness


  •         Dry weather
  •         Inflammation
  •         Bacterial infection

    Voice usage

  •         Singing
  •         Speaking method/ frequency

The fishbone is the output of the root cause analysis of the problem Sore Throat. Organized arrangement of parent and child causes makes the template easy to understand. Some of the important factors are chalked out and listed in the fishbone diagram. One can perform cause analysis of any other problems applying similar techniques or following the same steps.

Who should use the Sore Throat template?

  • This fishbone template offers a useful guidance to anyone who wants to understand the causes for sore throat.

Why use this template?

  • Get a clear idea of the reasons for sore throat.
  • This Ishikawa diagram facilitates template creation and designing for another problem. One can extend the template and easily understands the method of organizing the causes with the help of smartQED tools to meet their requirements.
  • Design  your own template or reuse this for any type of problem analysis in smartQED

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