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General – Late Arrival of Students

Potential reasons for late arrival of students in class.

Late arrival of students breaks the class morale and disrupts an ongoing system. It distracts the students as well as the flow of academic sessions. Lateness may spread throughout the class like a chronic contagious disease. Steadiness or timekeeping is the fundamental rule in any business or school. Some students are too casual and do not bother about punctuality. Family issues, availability of transport, distance or adverse weather may affect the promptness. Parental support also plays a vital role in motivating their wards. Psychological factors and the demeanor of teachers and co-learners might drive someone’s slothfulness. Students miss the stipulated curriculum and become irregular in their studies. Latecomers lose interest in school activities as it acts like a vicious cycle. Understanding the reasons is necessary to design an effective strategy.

Late Arrival of Students
Student issues

  •    Indiscipline
  •    Unprepared for classes
  •    Late riser
  •    Attitudinal issues
  •    Health issues

  Family factors

  •    Food not ready on time
  •    Clothes not ready on time
  •    Lack of parental discipline
  •    Dysfunctional family

Conveyance issues

  •    Remote location/ Long commute
  •    Transportation unavailable
  •    Heavy traffic
  •    Vehicle breakdown

Miscellaneous issues

  •    Lenient regulations
  •    Adverse weather
  •    Hostel issues
  •    School phobia

The fishbone consists of the main factors that make the students arrive late at school. This root cause analysis template helps everyone to organize the reasons. We have created several groups based on the nature of the causes. It is a multilevel structure categorizing the issues in an organized manner.

Who should use the Late Arrival of Students template?

  • Anyone who needs to find out the reasons for the late arrival of students.
  • School/ college management who want to understand why the students are not turning up on time.

Why use this template?

  • Figure out the causes for late arrival.
  • Change and extend this template using smartQED for your problem resolution.
  • Design our own templates for different types of problem analysis in smartQED.

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