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Technology – Server Crashed/ Unreachable

Potential reasons for crashed or unreachable server.

Businesses and other organizations may encounter server crashes at any time. A server crash brings a running system to a standstill and gets unstable and inoperative. It may lead to irretrievable loss of data. Potential clients or visitors fail to access the website as it goes offline. The first step in troubleshooting an unexpected server crash is to understand what went wrong. Pinning down the causes is confusing as there could be many contributing factors. Sometimes the server loads but is unable to provide some critical services. Problems in the network or wrong configuration make some features inactive. Some driving causes remain hidden in other issues like resource limitations, high traffic, and firewall policies. The sooner we diagnose the problem, the faster we get the server up & running.

Server Crashed / Unreachable
System overload

  •    Hardware issues
  •    Overheating/ poor maintenance
  •    Resource constraints
  •    Too many users


  •    System bugs
  •    Wrong configuration
  •    Virus / Malware


  •    Firewall issue
  •    Network problem
  •    Improper management

Other issues

  •    DoS attack (Denial of Service)
  •    Third party software
  •    DNS issue

This template is a fine example of a root cause analysis of an inaccessible server. The fishbone describes some of the main factors responsible for the server crash. The categorization in the template helps everyone to learn how to arrange the issues

Who should use the Server Crash template?

  • Anyone who wants to find out the causes of the server crash.
  • Server administrator who wants to understand when and why a server fails.

Why use this template?

  • Understand the different factors that trigger server crashes.
  • Review, extend and reuse this template to resolve the issues.
  • Design your templates for any problem analysis in smartQED.

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