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General – Population Explosion

Causes of population explosion

The world’s population rises when the birth rate is greater than the death rate. Population explosion happens when there is a rapid increase in population. It disrupts the economy as it is difficult to handle population growth rates. High density means high demand for resources and services. Generally, developing countries are many steps behind in competing with developed countries. The developed nations have high economic growth rates. Poverty gets aggravated due to high population density. As a result, illiteracy increases and employment decreases. Under this situation, economic growth gets paused. Finally, people get deprived of basic facilities.

Population Explosion
Societal/ Family factors

  •         Lack of women empowerment
  •         Illiteracy
  •         Underutilization of contraception

 Medical/ Healthcare factors

  •         Falling infant mortality
  •         Infertility treatment
  •         Higher longevity

  Macroeconomic factors

  •         High unemployment
  •         Low industrialization
  •         Poverty

The fishbone here tells us about the potential factors for overpopulation. We have grouped the causes under the categories. This root cause analysis template comes in handy when you want to learn more about population explosion.

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