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Healthcare – Improper Disposal of Biomedical Waste

Causes of improper disposal of biomedical waste

Bio-medical waste production is a serious threat to the environment. These medical wastes could be harmful. It can spread infections and diseases if not disposed of properly. Discarded treatment materials can contain hazardous pathogens. These wastes can infect anyone who comes in contact with them. It can be dangerous and life-threatening too. Improperly disposed of biomedical waste can contaminate groundwater sources. It can also produce air pollutants and disrupt the ecosystems of wildlife.

Improper Disposal of Biomedical Waste
Materials/ equipment factors

  •         Inadequate waste transportation trolley
  •         Inadequate hypochlorite Solution
  •         Short supply of sharp container
  •         Inadequate plastic bags
  •         Inadequate wastebin

Staff factors

  •         Negligence/ ignorance
  •         No safety measures taken
  •         Low priority given to task
  •         Protocol not followed
  •         Inadequate staff training

Process factors

  •         Failure of waste identification
  •         No house treatment of waste
  •         Improper liquid waste disposal
  •         Improper segregation of waste
  •         Undefined house route transportation

Regulatory factors

  •         Weak law enforcement
  •         Insufficient penalties
  •         Lenient regulations

This fishbone template is a fine example of the improper disposal of biomedical waste. It shows the critical causes of this problem. It serves as a reference template for this issue that can help in root cause analysis.

Who should use the Improper Disposal of Biomedical Waste template?

  • Anyone who needs to find out why biomedical wastes are not properly disposed of.

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  • Find out the reasons behind the improper disposal of biomedical waste.
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