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Healthcare – Hair Loss

Factors responsible for hair loss or baldness.

Shedding of hair is normal as long as its count is within 125 follicles per day. It is part of a natural balance as some fall out while others grow. When the balance interrupts, and the hair-fall rate is more than its growth rate, we call it hair loss. Excess hair fall leads to bald spots and unusual wide partings. Hair loss sounds simple, but the result is devastating. Healthy or bouncy hair changes our appearance and is one of the secrets of a beautiful face. Hair loss may happen among women as a postpartum symptom, use of chemicals, specific hairstyle, lack of nutrients, stress, or menopause. Ringworms, sudden emotional shock, and hereditary alopecia sometimes cause receding hairline or broadening of the part.

Hair Loss
Inadequate hair care

  •    Dirty hair
  •    Heat styling
  •    Harsh chemicals usage
  •    Aggressive brushing
  •    Hair follicle damage due to styling

Medication side effects

  •    Depression medication
  •    Chemotherapy
  •    Arthritis medication
  •    Blood pressure medication
  •    Contraceptives

  Physiological factors

  •    Oestrogen imbalance
  •    Auto-immune diseases
  •    Nutritional deficiencies
    • Imbalanced diet
    • Vitamin deficiencies
    • Mineral deficiencies
  •    Dandruff/ scalp psoriasis


  •    Excessive workload
  •    Bereavement
  •    Frequent job changes
  •    Separation/ break up

Other issues

  •    Ageing
  •    Genetic/ hereditary predisposition

The fishbone has the primary reason for hair loss. The structure of the fishbone is well-defined and easy to understand. The main factors are at the top that contains their sub-factors. This root cause analysis template helps to arrange the different reasons for any issue.

Who should use the Hair Loss template?

  • Anyone who needs to find out the vital causes for baldness or hair fall.
  • Hairdressers who want to be aware of the reasons why hair thins out

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  • Figure out the causes for hair loss.
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