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Healthcare – Faulty X-ray Report

Analysis of the causes for faults in X-ray reports.

Fishbone template Faulty X-ray Report

Most discrepancies in radiology practices are either due to human errors or are system-derived. Wrong diagnosis or misinterpretation of radiologists create false positive results which may necessitate further scrutiny and prolonged unnecessary investigation. Again, failing to read the image properly results in delayed treatment and reduces the chances of a patient’s recovery as some diseases turn out to be fatal with the passage of time. Identification of various reasons is only possible after a root cause analysis of this problem. The reasons for generating faulty X-ray reports are listed below.

Faulty X-ray Report
Process issues

  •         Improper positioning
  •         Cassette area under utilized
  •         Double clicks to shoot
  •         Multiple activities done by one person

Staff issues

  •         Inexperience/ hesitancy
  •         Inadequate skills/ training
  •         Overworked staff
  •         Staff shortage

Management issues

  •         Lack of accountability
  •         No clear policies/ procedures
  •         Inadequate management

Infrastructure issues

  •         No in-house radiologists
  •         Cramped work-space

To arrange the potential causes of this problem, we have taken help from a fishbone. Its design is simple and we can visualize the causes arranged methodically . One can clearly understand the different types of errors or issues and their pertinent causes.

Who should use the Faulty X-ray report template?

  • Interested persons can experience the outcome of a visual problem analysis or incident analysis. This template is a good example of an incident analysis. We would be glad to inspire anyone to work with our templates.

Why use this template?

  • It contains lists of the important factors that affect radiological detection methods like X-ray imaging.
  • Makes incident analysis interesting and shares knowledge about it.
  • Design your template or apply this with some alteration for your own problem-solving.

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