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Healthcare – Breast Diagnostic Interpretation Error

Analysis of the causes for interpretation errors in breast diagnostic reports.

Fishbone template on breast diagnosis interpretation error

Breast diagnostic interpretation error hinders the radiologic detection and assessment of breast cancer. Diagnostic problems are mainly related to errors in detection, management & assessment. The most significant interpretive errors include BI-RADS (breast image reporting and data system) failure to correlate mammographic, ultrasound (US), & MRI findings with clinical findings. To improve radiologic interpretation, understanding the factors affecting the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer is necessary. It facilitates early cancer detection and treatment in time. Here is a hierarchical list of some of the most significant factors.

Breast Diagnostic Interpretation Error
  Process issues

  •         Inadequate quality control/ assurance
  •         Lack of reviews/ checklists
  •         Delays in process
  •         Incomplete process sequences
  •         Disorganized artefacts

Staff issues

  •         Biases
  •         Disorganized behavior
  •         Inadequate skills/ training
  •         Overworked staff
  •         Staff shortage

Equipment issues

  •         Inferior quality
  •         Outdated/ obsolete
  •         Inadequate maintenance
  •         Contamination

Management issues

  •         Lack of accountability
  •         Ineffective policies/ procedures
  •         Inadequate management

This fishbone is an organized root cause analysis that provides knowledge about the rules and conventions of cause analysis for different or similar problems. We have followed some principles while designing the structure of this fishbone to analyze the factors and the incident visually.

Who should use the Breast Diagnostic Interpretation Error template?

  • This template is a gateway to the world of incident analysis. We would be glad to motivate anyone to work with our templates. Anyone interested to learn the reasons for breast diagnostic errors may look into the template.

Why use this template?

  • This template is simple and easy to understand. It contains lists of the significant factors that affect the radiological detection method.
  • It makes the incident analysis interesting and imparts thorough knowledge about it.
  • Create your template or reuse this with some alteration for your own problem-solving.

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