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Healthcare – Human Obesity

Important factors that induce human obesity.

Obesity is a serious threat to our lifeline and it is a source of many life threatening diseases. Sedentary lifestyle, fast food, improper diet, food with high fat content, contraceptive pills, hormonal imbalance, steroids and some medicines, hereditary issues etc. play a very important role in gaining body weight. This fishbone template contains the different causes for human obesity in a much structured fashion.

Human Obesity

Poor diet/ food habit

  •   Frequently eating junk food
  •   High intake of carbohydrate rich diet
  •   Over eating
  •   Alcohol addiction
  •   Living on dead or packaged food

Physical activity

  •  Lack of physical exercise
  •  Sedentary habit
  •  Insufficient walking


  •  Antihistamines
  •  High blood pressure regulators
  •  Corticosteroids
  •  Oral contraceptives
  •  Diabetes medications
  •  Anticonvulsants
  •  Antidepressants


  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Insulin resistance
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cushing’s syndrome


  •  Large appetite
  •  Rare genetic condition
    •  Fat regulating hormone imbalance

Miscellaneous issues

  • Eating fat rich foods
  • No time to exercise or brisk walking
  •  Not consuming a balanced diet

Analyzing the causes for human obesity is much easier when investigated visually. It is easy to perform root cause analysis of the problem in the form of a fishbone template. Identifying the causes would help us understand the problem and take appropriate measures to heal the problem. Hence, we would encourage you to look at this template to understand and solve any similar issues with you or your dear ones.

Who should use the Human Obesity template?

  • This fishbone template provides good guidance to those who are in trouble due to being overweight or anyone who wants to know the causes for putting on so much weight.

Why use this template?

  •  This fishbone helps to understand the causes for becoming overweight.
  •  Change and reuse the template using smartQED for your own problem-solving.
  •  Create or customize your own templates for various types of problem and incident analysis in smartQED.

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