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General – Flashlight Not Working

Reasons why a flashlight isn't working

Fishbone template on fashlight not working

Flashlight or torch is the most common device with simple working principle. The fact is, flashlights are rarely found in working condition as we neglect to maintain them. Drained out batteries, defective switch, faulty wiring, improper fittings of bulb and battery, burnt out bulb or no batteries are some of the potential reasons. A fishbone template with different cause categories and their members is the output of our root cause analysis. The structure of the problem is as follows.

Flashlight Not Working


  • Does not know how to operate


  • Incorrect battery connection
  • Incorrect bulb fitting


  • Faulty wiring
  • Broken switch


  • Without bulb / burnt out bulb
  • Without/ dead battery

This fishbone template is an example of methodical root cause analysis for any problem. It imparts knowledge about some main and associated causes for a malfunctioning flashlight. One can study this template thoroughly to be aware of the underlying reasons for this problem.

Who should use the Flashlight Not Working template?

  • This fishbone template directs you to the right track while finding out the solution as it shares some useful information that facilitates you to take preventive measures in advance. It is advantageous when one needs to find out the causes for a defective flashlight.

Why use this template?

  • This fishbone helps to understand the causes responsible for a malfunctioning torch.
  • Anyone can change the template in smartQED environment while troubleshooting the problem.
  • Create or customize your own templates for various types of problem and incident analysis in smartQ.

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