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Healthcare – Ultrasound Machine Problems

Analysis of the causes for poor performance of an ultrasound machine.

We can avoid ultrasound machine problems if we adopt regular preventive maintenance and use the machines with proper care. Main causes of an ultrasound machine failure are software corruption, ultrasound transducer issues and hardware failures. A thorough analysis reveals that forced shutdown or malwares lead to software corruption. Hardware failures are output, input and core (CPU) hardware related, mainly occurring due to mishandling of the devices. Output hardware produces image artifacts due to electrical interference. The most common problems in ultrasound machines are transducer issues. It may produce poor quality images, generate noises, get physically damaged or produce no image at all. After an investigation, we have found some of the important causes for the issues mentioned above.

 Ultrasound Machine Problems
  Hardware issues

  •         Sensing equipment failure
  •         Keyboard malfunction
  •         Printer failure
  •         Monitor malfunction
  •         Processor failure
  •         Storage failure

Probe/ transducer issues

  •         Probe-cable compatibility issues
  •         Probe-cable connectivity issues
  •         Noise/ vibration
    •   Electrical interference
    •   Damaged/ broken pins in connector
    •   Broken cable
  •      Physical damage/ breakage
  •      Poor quality image
    • Tears on the sheath
    • Crystal damage
    • Connector issue
    • Cracked or air bubbles on lens

Software issues     

  •         Virus/ malware
  •         Outdated/ obsolete version
  •         Software corruption
  •         Improper shutdown

This Ishikawa diagram is an example of methodical root cause analysis. It makes the template creation and designing process for other problems simple. One can customize the template and easily understand the manner of arranging the parent and child causes with the help of smartQED tools to meet their requirements.

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  • This fishbone is advantageous for anyone who wants to know the reasons for an ultrasound machine malfunctioning.

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  • Gives proper ideas about the various problems in an ultrasound machine and their reasons.
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