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Healthcare – Wrong Imaging Test

Analysis of the causes for diagnostic error in imaging or wrong imaging test.

Fishbone template on wrong imaging test

Wrong imaging tests are responsible for causing harm to many patients. It ranges between 3% and 5% approximately worldwide. Among other diagnostics processes, imaging plays a critical role in detecting some specific health issues. Error rates in radiology demand a thorough investigation as identifying and learning the causes are the only way to mitigate such errors. These errors are predictable incidents that are easily identifiable. The root cause analysis helps us find some of the main contributing factors that I have listed below.

Wrong Imaging Test
Process factors

  •         Illegible handwriting
  •         No checklists
  •         Missing/ damaged paperwork
  •         No electronic records
  •         Lack of review/ verification

Staff factors

  •         Staff shortage/ fatigue
  •         Inadequate skills/ training
  •         Attitudinal issues
  •         Ineffective communication

  Equipment factors

  •         Outdated/ obsolete equipment
  •         Inadequate equipment
  •         Protocol unavailability
  •         Lack of maintenance

Material factors

  •         Lack of testing/ calibration
  •         Damage/ contamination
  •         Shortage/ pilferage

This fishbone is an example of structured root cause analysis. One may get good guidance while identifying or organizing the contributing causes of other problems. We have followed some conventions to arrange the various causes of the wrong imaging test.

Who should use the Wrong Imaging Test template?

  • We encourage all interested persons to explore this fishbone. Anyone who wants to know the causes of wrong imaging diagnosis can get a clear idea from this diagram.

Why use this template?

  • Imparts knowledge about the various wrong imaging tests or diagnostic errors.
  • Exclusively modify the fishbone for problem-solving.
  • Tailor your template or reuse this for incident analysis in smartQED.

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