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Technology – Big Data Challenges

Analysis of the problems of Big Data management

Analysis of the reasons for Big Data Challenges

The digital information that goes around the Internet grows exponentially with time. The data is large, complex, and very difficult to manage. Companies, institutions, healthcare systems, social media, etc., all need these massive amounts of data for creating reports, queries, and further use. Traditional RDBMS tools cannot manage these unstructured and large volume of data efficiently. It is a challenge for software professionals and companies that provide IT infrastructure. Handling and delivering Big Data demands breakthrough algorithmic computational solutions.

Big Data Challenges
Management issues

  •         Cost management
  •         Real-time data security
  •         Data provenance
  •         Struggles of granular access control
  •         Vulnerability to fake data generation
  •         Data in system not secure

Security issues

  •         Data security not implemented/ ignored
    • Analyzing, storing consumes resource and time
  •         Records stolen
  •         Knowledge breach/ malicious hackers

Technical challenges

  •         Fault tolerance computing is hard
  •         Scalability
  •         Quality of data
  •         Sharing and accessibility
  •         Organizing reports not easy
  •         Difficulties in data integration
  •         Challenges in Big Data tool selection

  Data issues

  •         Difficult to store/ manage/ search
  •         Unstructured data
  •         Exponential data growth

Data Professional factors

  •         Lack of understanding of storage & processing
  •         Lack of  skills/ knowledge

Other issues

  •         Evolving technologies

This fishbone is one of the ways to present the root cause analysis of Big Data Challenges visually. Here we attempt to provide helpful guidance to those interested in learning about the challenges of Big Data. One has to understand the issues, chalk out the potential causes, categorize them and arrange the first level causes, and then the second level causes under their respective parents and so on.

Who should use the Big Data template?

  • This template is beneficial for anyone interested to know the challenges we have been facing while dealing with Big Data. High data growth rate & unstructured data makes it hard to manage and retrieve it efficiently. We would be happy to let everyone work with our templates.

 Why use this template?

  • Anyone can clearly understand the issues and difficulties while analyzing the contributing factors that make Big Data handling and storage very complex and challenging.
  • Shares curated knowledge on challenges of Big Data. One can leverage this template and reuse it.
  • Create and change your template or use this directly for your own problem-solving.

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