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Work – Performance Appraisal

Analysis of the reasons for performance appraisal

Fishbone on reasons for performance appraisal

Performance appraisal is the evaluation of employee performance. It also helps assess the capability of a person for improvement and training. It targets the performance and future potential of their employee. Based on this report, companies give feedback on their job. Evaluation of an employee becomes critical to justify appraisals and bonuses. A performance evaluation report of an employee helps in identifying the underperformers. For such employees, companies have performance improvement plans. Companies can conduct performance evaluations at any time. Generally, such drills take place at periodic intervals.

Reasons for Performance Appraisal
Motivation/ enthusiasm

  •         Recognizing employee efforts
  •         To make the employees productive
  •         Make employees feel they are valued
  •         To give employees feedback

  Communication and bonding

  •         Increase employee engagement
  •         Develop good relationship/ strengthen bond
  •         Team cohesion and productivity
  •         Articulate/ clarify vision to the team

Employee assessment

  •         Improves performance
  •         Imbibes ambition and productivity
  •         Need for training & development
  •         Identifying the weaknesses or strengths

Project management

  •         Setting new goals
  •         Team progress can be tracked
  •         Oversights on current project

This fishbone contains a list of causes responsible for performance appraisal. Aside from root cause analysis, we have tried to share our knowledge on this issue. The investigation process helps us gather valuable information to reason performance assessment.

Who should use the Performance Appraisal template?

  • This template is helpful for everyone. If you want to learn why the performance appraisal is critical, you can look at this template. It contains the potential factors driving the appraisal process in a company. We encourage you to log in to our template repository to start using them.

Why use this template?

  • The performance evaluation method has become mandatory in any structured organization. The progress of the member of the workforce is dependent on appraisal. A good job always deserves some awards and appreciation. Interested persons can use this as a future reference.
  • Shares curated knowledge on employee performance evaluation. One can extend this template and reuse it.
  • Create and change your template or use this for your own problem-solving.

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