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Technology – Server Procurement Delay

Potential causes for server procurement delay.

Fishbone template on server procurement delay

Servers are the main components of our system infrastructure that bind our physical and virtual resources and are used for computation, flow processing, data storage and analysis etc. With the growth of e-business and online customer support, server procurement or buying servers has become a critical issue for any start up or ongoing business. Finding the most comprehensive service is quite a difficult job and sometimes clients face obstacles to procure the best server equipment. So we need to know the glitches one may come across while buying servers – awareness of the common causes which delay server procurement is necessary for businesses in order to proactively prevent any delays. Various factors like improper specifications, vendor’s infrastructure, procurement planning, server equipment etc. may affect the procurement process. Here is a fishbone template with the main potential causes for this problem.

Server Procurement Delay

  •     Customer requirements not matched
  •     Customer support not helpful
  •     Slow billing process


  •     Faulty RAM
  •     Custom kernel issues
  •     Slow internet connection
  •     Faulty hard drives
  •     Long server hardware set up


  •     Incorrect sizing or setup
  •     Provider infrastructure down
  •     Manual procurement

People/ management

  •     Evaluation panel takes time/ formed lately
  •     Procurement approval insufficient
  •     Procurement request not on time
  •     Improper planning of procurement events
  •     Clients’ unwillingness to procure server

We present the root cause analysis of this problem in an organized fashion with the help of a fishbone template. You can customize, modify or extend the template according to your needs. Knowing the causes that give rise to a problem is always good as we can act wisely while facing the obstacle or may take necessary measures in advance.

Who should use the Server Procurement Delay template?

  • This Ishikawa diagram facilitates who needs to find out the main causes that make server procurement difficult and slow.
  • Companies and individuals who want to know why server procurement fails or takes too long.

Why use this template?

  • Easily figure out the reasons for slowness in server procurement.
  • One can customize this fishbone template using the smartQED platform which provides an organized set of tools and features to solve your problem efficiently.
  • It is a fishbone example for analysis of a practical problem and you can innovate or create your own templates for various types of problem and incident analysis in smartQED.

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