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Work – Resignation

Analysis of the reasons for resignation

Analysis of the causes for resignation

Resignation from a job is a serious cause of concern for management as well as employees. One needs to understand the factors to find a solution to this problem. Some of the common factors are poor work culture and a bad office environment. Low compensation is one of the factors for an employee to resign. They leave their job for better opportunities.

  Perks/ salary
  •         No/ low welfare
  •         Low salary
  •         Low incentives
    Health/ personal
  •         Frequent sickness
  •         Stressful environment
  •         Poor constitution
  •         Work life imbalance
  •         Transportation
  •         Further studies
  •         Better opportunity
    Office environment/ opportunity
  •         Company m&a
  •         No growth opportunity
  •         Uninspiring office culture
  •         Office location
  •         Adverse climate
  •         Poor technology/ gadgetry
  •         No feedback
  •         Micro management
  •         Lack of recognition/ appreciation
  •         Lack of respect/ trust
  •         Harsh management
  •         No promotion
    Qualification/ skill
  •         Not qualified
  •         Poor adaption ability
  •         Lack of confidence
    Relationship with co-workers
  •         Different concept
  •         Lack of communication
  •         Misunderstanding

This fishbone shows the factors to understand the reasons behind the resignation. We tried to perform a root cause analysis on this problem to solve the issue. Reusing the knowledge gathered from the fishbone will help us minimize the problem.

Who should use the Resignation template?

  • Identification of the vital factors that drives anyone to resign is necessary. It is a major issue that destabilizes the workforce and its environment. So, anyone can refer to this template to learn the relevant causes and mitigate the problem.

Why use this template?

  • As resignation is a critical issue in every company, it is necessary to address this. Moreover, tips help us pave the path to desired solution and establish an equilibrium.
  • Shares curated knowledge on employee resignation. One can redesign this template and reuse it.
  • Create and change your template or use this for your own problem-solving.
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